Friday Night Funkin' Mods are Cute...

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Friday Night Funkin Mods are Friday Night Funkin' Mods make the game cute by having a rap battle with boyfriend's biggest fangirl "Sky" aka "bfswifeforever" with her singing the FNF Tankman song "UGH" from Week 7, to facing the cat edition of Tankman in "High Effort UGH ", to going into space to get alien girlfriend in "Friday Night Funkin' StarCatcher" which has new songs and remixes, to actually having the Boyfriend and Girlfriend on the speakers TOGETHER cheering on their new friend "Shyrell" in "Friday Night Funkin' with Shyrell", to other custom weeks, custom levels, custom songs, custom skins and more! We check out more of the hundreds of FNF Mods and skins in this video and they are getting

With the updated Friday Night Funkin' Week 7 the team behind the game (ninja_muffin99, Phantom Arcade, kawaisprite and evilsk8r) have launched their kickstarter for the "Friday Night Funkin' Full Game"! So if you want to back the project, support the release here -

Our FNF Week 7 Tankman playthrough and reaction -
our FNF playlist (past and future videos) -
Game here (or play it on Newgrounds) -

FNF Mods used (GameBanana):
(custom weeks and songs)
Week 7 High Effort Ugh (feat. Tankman) -
Tankman UGH High Effort Cat Edition -
vs Sky (bfswifeforever) -
Sky sings UGH -
Friday Night Funkin' StarCatcher (NEW SONGS) -
(custom skins)
Sky over Girlfriend -
Lila and Lemon Demon over Mom and Dad -
Tall Boyfriend over Boyfriend -
BF and Girlfriend on Speakers over Girlfriend (Friday Night Funkin' With Shyrell MOD) -

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