Frost DK 2v2 Rated Arenas (INSANE DAMAGE) - WoW Shadowlands PvP Season 1

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Here is some of my viewer coaching games which wanted me to create a montage. Since the frost DK buff went live (and even before that) Frost DKs is DESTROYING. Sometimes I even see myself outbursting retri paladins.
Really amazing to finally be fully geared and pumping in arenas! Enjoy guys.
The games are ranked and ranging from 1300-2100 MMR

HATERS, READ THIS FIRST: This is a video made for entertainment purposes only. I do not in any way want to show off skills or decent combat where clever use of spells and tactics are involved. This is 100% slaughter, carnage, oneshots and huge crits, intended to do nothing but entertain.

I wanna thank all the people who helped me create this video! Sponsors, friends and strangers that became new friends on my way. Thank you all! I wouldn't have come this far without your help!

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