FSD Beta 48.35.1 (Build 10) unedited 30 minute drive - ONE disengagement.

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30 minutes unedited drive on Build 10 around Newport and Middletown, RI. Overall, build 10 is a huge leap from any previous build. But, areas that need improvement:

Yielding logic is still being tweaked. My one disengagement was yielding entering a rotary. My car stopped yielding (and would instead stop) at this rotary starting with build 8. This time, it didn't feel like it was going to yield so I intervened.

Creeping logic has greatly improved over previous builds, but still being worked on. Does great on some roads, not on others.

Confidence in turning - most turns are great, but sometimes it can be too slow. Still, major improvement over previous builds.

One way street recognition still not addressed, so my car tries to drive on the right if there are no lines marking parallel spaces.

Seems overly cautious (even more than before) with pedestrians.
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