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!! I do not play basketball, so I had to research different passes, etc. I'm terribly sorry if I did something wrong !!

I did make a "Game On" GLMM like 3 months ago-
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A spoilt brat is forced to join a sports team to know what commitment, teamwork, and hard work is like. She never worked hard and relied on her gift of knowledge that she had since she was born. Arabella decides to join Basketball as she thinks its the easiest option. After meeting new people, such as Ian, Louise, Gwen, Paul, and Dylan she starts getting closer to them and creates bonds. Arabella starts off complaining and being rude but later changes into doing kind things and being more grateful. Ian who was the team leader had financial problems as he had to take care of his sister and pay for his mother's health. Later he receives a donation from an unknown person, and his debt is paid off. Helping him now, being able to take care of his future. The team goes through challenges and later wins the championships. This story is about friendship, sport, and hard work (With a bit of romance)


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!! Sorry if i did anything wrong !!

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