Getting Ready for Our 2020 Machine Gun Shoot Sept. 19th & 20th!!!

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Our machine gun shoot this year is next weekend, September 19th and 20th. We have over 200 guns ready for rent, and over 400,000 rounds of ammunition. I have enough machine guns, ammunition, and military vehicles to supply a small army. HAHAHA. We'll be renting out every type of machine gun you guys can think of. Not just my stuff, but I have other Class 3 dealers coming in from other states, and bringing all their machine guns to rent out. Next weekend is going to be a blast, literally.

My military museum will be open both Saturday and Sunday during the machine gun shoot, starting at 10am for 1 tour on each day.

All businesses will be open that weekend. You can come out and play paintball, you can ride your dirt bike on the dirt bike track, you can see the military museum, our shooting range with our 100 yd and pistol range will be open to the public, you can bring your own firearms, and the gun store will be open for sales as well.

Don't forget to pick up a T-shirt or a hat for a souvenir. We'll have over a dozen different T-shirt designs available, and hoodies for the winter. Shop at:
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