GIVEAWAYS Bubble Gum Simulator Live Hatching and Huge Giveaways

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(Subscribe) I am going to list 5 reasons why you should subscribe. Og fans will get shutouts if I'm famous in the future. I post good content just for you guys to watch. I am really nice I'm not super toxic and I always read the chat! I usually stream 3-4 days a week so I am pretty active. And lastly I RESPECT EVERYONE!

(Merch Shop) this is new some of the merch may not look good but buying it will support me a lot! Thank You :)

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2$ Friend request on roblox and discord
5$ Video Leaks
10$ A special role in roblox and discord And Acces to vip servers
25$ Become A MODERATOR
50$ HUGE shoutout and video made just for you! TYSM

(EVERYONE) I can't friend too many people because I have over 1k request and it wouldn't be fair to others. So I hope you can understand why I can't friend you. And if I think you're chill and seem cool I will friend you myself. But don't beg me to friend you or I won't friend you!!!

(Doggy TO Secret) Username DoggyToSecretBugatti

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