GODZILLA VS KONG Trailer Breakdown | Why Kong Has A Collar On And This Teaser Fight Scene Explained

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GODZILLA VS KONG Trailer Breakdown | Why Kong Has A Collar On And This Teaser Fight Scene Explained. We breakdown the 3 second Godzilla Vs Kong Teaser Trailer from CCXP and give our fan theories and point out things you missed to discuss how it confirms certain plot leaks and rumors we've heard about the film.

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This first look trailer showed both the titans rushing towards each other and though on the surface there's very little to take from this, there's actually a lot going on.

Now before we get into the breakdown I have to say that there may be some spoilers here in regards to the film. We do have some plot leaks and whilst these can't be verified until we see the film for ourselves we will be talking about what reportedly leads up to this moment.

Anyway with that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let's get into the breakdown.

Ok so the footage for the scene takes place over roughly two seconds but we've done what we normally do and over analysed the entire thing to let you know what's going on and because we have no life.

Now the first thing we see is Godzilla swimming towards the camera.

This is something that we've seen a tonne of times before in the movie but it actually holds special significance this time around as it's used to signify the domains of the pair.

In the film we're gonna discover that a shady organisation called Apex have actually been looking for a way to destroy the titans and using the brain of one of the Ghidorah heads they've built Mechagodzilla.

This was teased at the end of the prior entry and apparently they've coupled this with the skeleton of the Gojira that was found in order to build the massive machine monster. This Titan Killer will wipe them all off the face of the Earth and thus they are basically trying to get Kong and Godzilla to face off against each other so that they have an easier time defeating the survivor.

Now Monarch obviously want to stop this and they go searching for both Godzilla and Kong.

As we learned in King Of The Monsters, Godzilla's home is Atlantis and thus the beast is very much seen as the ruler of the ocean which is symbolised by the water that we first see him in.

This idea of the ocean was also shown in the logo itself as, before the update we saw that Godzilla's name was in blue whereas Kongs was in Orange. This has been carried across to the new one so clearly something is going on with it.

Now orange is also a colour that carries a lot with it and even the first look at Kong that we have has an almost sunset like feel to it as typically this is the colour that we associate with the character.

Skull Island had an amazing use of Orange pretty much across the board and this actually subtly nods to what's going on with him.

As we've discussed Godzilla is pretty much King of the Ocean but Kong is seen as Ruler of the Earth. In the film it will be revealed that the hollow earth has a wealth of caverns and connecting tunnels that all reach back to Skull island and through these the Titans have travelled to find safety.

Kong will reside over them and be ruler of the natural Earth. Now in regards to the end of the film, apparently the pair fight to the point they're both heavily damaged and then Mechagodzilla is brought in to kill them both as Apex don't want to lose this opportunity.

The fight apparently ends with the pair taking it down and then they go back to their own domains to oversee them.

Kong becomes the King of The Hallow Earth which is when he finally gets the title King Kong which so far has been missing.

Godzilla remains as King Of The Monsters and becomes Earth's Guardian.

So again we have this idea of the opposing sides symbolised in the colour that tends to be shown with them and it may be laced throughout the movie likely being the thing that we associate with the characters.

Now the Kong scene also has a lot of things going on in it.

The character is actually wearing a collar and there are a lot of questions surrounding why it's there and what it's for.
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