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I really hope this doesn’t flop cause it really took me a lot of effort
If you feel like it please try to don’t let this flop i’m tired of it ????????
Anyway kelly’s backstory is totally different now, and i’m not sure that is 0:14 canon anymore

So whats not canon? Let me list it

-elements (dark,light,water etc)
-nex and lux being kings
-Hadrian and Ellen having a black shade of hair

(For now at least)
So how does the world work? (Keep reading if you’re interested in the story)

There’s Duana(sad face).she’s the one that keeps harmony between everyone and everything on earth. Since humans kept disrespecting the earth and hate each other she developed this hate that at some point became another being like her , Duna (happy face).

Duna’s only purpose was to make duana happy. She thought that by making the humans suffer she would’ve make her happier so thats what she did. Since humans liked to hate on each other so much she sent a curse on them where if someone hated on another this hate would’ve grown and grown so much that it would’ve destroyed the person

So what happens when someone gets “corrupted”?
These are the stages.

-hair,eyes and skin starts becoming black
not all at once tho.
It starts from the heart and spreads to the whole body

-the person become some kind of monster depending on the reason they hate the other person. For example:
This girl cheated on his bf, his bf hates her for it so they become a “monster” with horns (in italy “giving horns” means cheating ^^)

So after “taking revenge” (that would mean killing the hated person or other things )the hate DOES NOT disappear but it keeps spreading to the body AND brain where it makes the person think it’s everyone’s fault and they lose control.
The person will just become an uncontrollable killing monster.
Unless they’re killed. Of course.

Duna thought that by making humans suffer for their own actions would’ve cheered up Duna but it didn’t at all.

I can’t say anything else so follow up the story (on my youtube and instagram) to understand more ^^

Thank you so much for reading this means a lot to me!! ????
Feel free to ask any questions if you’re confused or want to know more







Krita (to animate the lineart)
ClipstudioPaint (to color and shade)
Alight Motion (to edit)


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