Good evening Sun Sim meme (Undertale AU) (Ink sans) (FLASH/ EYE STRAIN WARNING!!)

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This meme uses bright and opposing colours, so please be careful while watching this!!!! I experimented with minimal line use for this meme (I couldn't resist making the start be all pretty and soft looking, it adds some contrast and I didn't like the idea of just having a black screen). I also tried to use really bright colours, but I think I went a liiiiiiiiiiiittle bit overboard. I know this meme is all glitchy sounding and so would fit Error well, but I wanted to just do something just fun and the colours fitted the character (plus I like thinking a little more outside the box). :)

Anyway, thank you for 3,572 subs, I appreciate every single one of you!!!!

Program used: FlipaClip (16FPS so that it’s smoother)
Original: LuckyXsnap

Song: Good evening sun sim by cloneaid
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