Hallow's End Guide 2020 | World of Warcraft

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It's that amazing time of year where the Headless Horseman pays us a visit and we go around stealing candy from people's buckets. This is my complete Hallow's End Guide for 2020! Collect the pets, the mogs and the illusive Headless Horseman's Reins - the rare mount that drops from the Headless Horseman boss!

If you enjoyed this video come and join me on Twitch! I stream Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12PM (UK time) and have a friendly casual guild on Argent Dawn that you can join. Come say hi!

0:00 Hello!
0:30 Headless Horseman Dungeon
1:40 Daily Quests
2:37 Trick or Treating
3:06 Vendor Items
4:20 Making Gold
4:32 Exclusive Battle Pets
4:40 Coin of Many Things
5:18 Sack of Spectral Spiders
5:40 Find Pepe!
5:54 Achievements


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Original World of Warcraft music accompanied by the in-game ambience. From Meisio,
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- Ghosts 3 by Neal Acree
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