Halo Infinite Beta Signups Happening Now

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Halo Infinite beta signups are happening right now! Simply click the link in the sources section and directly signup for the Halo Infinite flight happening later this year.

Hey guys it's Nethilez!
I’m a new Youtuber that's all about gaming and other nerdy related topics. Also, I am a proud member of the Broadband Bullies and that's the crew that I rock with. For me it's Broadband or nothing

Also check out these channels that I took footage and music from, they deserve the real credit for their hard work:

Music provided by Marty O'Donnell and other artists.

“Below are links to numerous soundtracks I used throughout the video in order”

Disclaimer: Spartan in Thumbnail is by Fletch


Articles / Videos/Sources

#rxz0ml-1 (Beta signup tutorial)
(Direct link signup)

Join the Ark Discord server! It’s a growing server that’s based on all things Halo!

Also, you should go ahead and follow the Broadband Bullies official twitter along with myself and these other Youtubers

Myself (Nethilez)
Kings Blood Gaming:
Post Up:
and of course the one and only Nxtgen720:

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Also Check out the Broadband Bullies website! There's blogs, schedules for the shows, and keep up to date with all the Broadband Bullies content, along with the Multiplayer Podcast and The Best Damn Podcast Period!
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