HI3 - SIM Battle Trial Battlesuits (Enhanced MHT-3 Pax/Assaka/Parvati)

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Honkai Impact 3
Armada Sim Battle

17th to 19th Apr 2020
Video only covers Team plays. There is a section for simpler and easier plays. Score is at + while Solo runs at +. Gameplay has been kept as little as possible. Hope it'll help.

Team/Solo Score (42,450/41,767)
- MHT-3 Pax (14,069/13,804)
- Assaka (14,069/13,804)
- Parvati (14,312/14,157)

Trial Valkyries Available:
AE - Azure Empyrea
FS - Flame Sakitama
VG - Valkyrie Gloria

Normal Run: MHT-3 PAX - 00:15
Normal Run: Assaka - 01:20
Normal Run: Parvati - 02:23
Simple Run: MHT-3 PAX - 03:39
Simple Run: Assaka - 04:50
Simple Run: Parvati - 06:04

Background Music: 【崩壞3rd】 BGM City Event Opening

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