HI3 - SIM Battle Trial Battlesuits (Jizo Mitama/Dark Xuanyuan/Assaka)

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Video covers Team Plays only. Solo run links are in description section.
Team play score at while Solo runs at +.
Timestamps are also available in description section~

Time Stamps
Start Video 0:00
Team - Jizo Mitama 0:11
Team - Dark Xuanyuan 0:57
Team - Assaka 1:41
End Video 2:22

Solo Run Links
- Jizo Mitama: [timer at 2m 07s]
- Dark Xuanyuan: [timer at 3m 27s]
- Assaka: [timer at 3m 16s]

Team/Solo Score (43,685/41,796)
- Jizo Mitama (14,625/14,069)
- Dark Xuanyuan (14,593/14,009)
- Assaka (14,467/13,718)

Trial Battlesuits Available:
- Drive Kometa (DK)
- Celestial Hymn (CH)
- Twilight Paladin (TP)
- Starlite Astrologos (SA)
- Divine Prayer (DP)
- Herrscher of the Void (HoV)
- Stygian Nymph (SN)

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Honkai Impact 3
Armada SIM Battle
11th to 13th Dec 2020

Background Music: Angel's Share @ City of Winds and Idylls - Disc 1 City of Winds and Idylls|Genshin Impact

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