[Hindi] IND vs PAK vs BD | PMBC2020 Scrims - Day 2 | 3 Days of Action!

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Gear up for 3 days of exciting action featuring some of the best teams from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh! PMBC 2020 Scrims Day 2 features 16 teams in Group B fighting to remain in the top 8 to survive !

Match 1 : Erangel
Match 2 : Sanhok
Match 3 : Sanhok
Match 4 : Erangel

Group A Teams - Day 1
????????A1 eSports
????????Wolves Den
????????Damn Classy
????????BB ByeBye
????????Team Mercenaries
????????VENOM Legends
????????Ma5ia X
????????Team IND
????????TUF esports
????????IGen Gaming

Group B Teams - Day 2
????????Inertia Esports
????????KS AXE
????????Deimos Force
????????Red Light Esports
????????Phantom E8
????????T10 TiTAN
????????8 bit
????????Solo esports
????????Team PES

Who will be coming out on top? Which nation's team will be the PMBC2020 scrims winner? Tune in on all 3 Days as the Action unfolds LIVE!

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