Historic Spotlight Sim NBA 2K20 MyTeam Tier List Ranking

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Speed boosting domantas sabonis
Shooting badges of Jokic 7’1 with hof dimer and elite handles and great def! This card will be better than glitched Jokic, he the sabonis card we wished we got last week in spotlight sim moments. Vlade is A tier, if he gets decent sigs and a nice release move him up to S!

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Vin is PD
Christian leightner or #spotlightsim moments harry Giles without range extender.
Damn what could have been I’m actually going to start running dudes like this at the four and say goodbye to to my fake pf guys that are really SG/SF. As soon as I find a guy like Ben with range. C tier for now but that could change if his player model is as big as it was last year at the 4.

Tom gugliotta is
Amethyst Eric paschal from campus legends
Tom googs is basically ASM giannis B tier. If Tom was PF/C he might be S tier, he will be great in the post on defense and offense, but my pf, doesn’t set up in the post. He likes to hang out on the wing and at the top of the key to shoot deep 3’s! Where is PD Lamar Odom when you need him, assuming he will be in packs soon and the best card in myteam!

'05 Tom Gugliotta (97) - NBA 2K20 MyTEAM Pink Diamond Card - 2KMTCentral

ASM Chris Paul they have him a driving dunk!
C tier. Will be an average pg because of size and dunking ability.

Quite possible the best card in the game. STier no doubt top 3 reward with boogie and Walter Davis. The only thing with this card that might make him miss more than you wish is the 83 3 ball but with hof floor gen player +4 supposed boost 87, assuming you use one of these 3 coaches cuz they’re the Malone dantoni or stotts 91 and a 3 point shoe 94 3 ball! Gold range elite finisher and post player with elite def! 6’11 can play the three. He has the most elite playmaking set up I’ve seen on a guy that played C some of his Career. He has handles for days badge, which is a badge missing on galaxy opal Blake griffin. Thurl Bailey will be a top 5 card, not just from these challenges but in the entire mode of myteam! You heard it here first!

Opal curry budget edition C tier
I really hate they put cards in the reward set that already have an opal, my only gripe, I know the kids love curry, and that’s why there’s now a free version, but this card with lowered def, dunking playmaking badges etc, might be one of the worst PG’s we got today! Sell all your warrior cards tonight. The lowest price one on the auction house was 3500mt an hour ago.

Sean Elliot Amethyst was a menace at PG last year. He can only play the 2 and 3 this 2k, but with the importance of having an elite peek shooter that can dribble shoot and dunk at the two, this card is it! If you liked the Diamond kevin huerter Sean will be an upgrade With handles for days and damn near every def badge on HOF watch out my mans could be op as hell this year!

Rudy Tomj most similar cards in the game Re some of the best cards. Asm giannis, pink diamond Paul George, brandin Ingram Larry bird S tier no doubt!! For 2 years now since we got a first look at his player model in 2k19 with the Amy token reward I’ve been saying If we ever get a speed boosting Rudy he’ll be one of the best all around cards in the game. No doubt, HOF range quick draw with def, playmaking and finishing badges elite guards and center both have! Dude is gonna be sick.

Closest comparisons are Ralph Sampson and opal tacko fall S tier hello it’s Roy Hibbert! 7’2
With 87 lat quick! Can shoot good enough, I don’t shoot with my centers just like them to able to, elite in post and defense with HOF clamps! A giant with hof clamps. This is gonna be a lot of fun!

Rip Hamilton is never that great in myteam. Tomorrow we will find out if history repeats itself! Release is traditionally a little slow but
With hof quick draw watch out! Close similarities to Pd tmac and bingo smith, if he could dunk better he would be S tier but with a 75 driving dunk A tier it is.

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