How living in China changed my view on Trump and US politics: Californian native

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In this interview, we talked with Kevin, a California native who, in his words, went from an almond milk latte drinking millennial liberal who viewed Donald Trump’s 2016 election as a catastrophe to America, to someone who voted for him in 2020.

As for what caused that drastic change -- he cites his four year experience living in China.

So why did learning about China change his views on US politics?

And as a Mandarin speaker and reader, what did he learn about how Chinese people look at America?

We also talked about whether China is actually a socialist society by definition, the Chinese peoples' obsession over money, and how to stay rational and less biased in this polarized world.

0:00 Intro

1:27 Life in China under virus lockdown

3:17 Is China a socialist society?

6:54 Obsession over money

8:34 Anti-American sentiment in China

17:27 How living in China changed my view on Trump: a former life-long liberal

24:49 Suggestions for people curious about China

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