How The Yandere Simulator Demo Was Beaten in Under 1 Minute | World Record Progression

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1 month after the Yandere Simulator Demo was released, the game was beaten in under 1 minute. Here is the story of all the developments, bugfixes, glitches, and speedrun tech that led to this time. This is how the Yandere Simulator Demo was beaten in under 1 minute.

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Check out the sub-1 minute Yandere Simulator Demo world record speedrun:

World record holders in this video: @Hatsune Elissu, @Buirry
Also, the 1:32 time was from: @Thodo Kappa

Speedrunning Yandere Simulator is really interesting. The demo of Yandere Simulator started out with a time of 12 minutes but was able to get down to less than 1 minute in a month. A big part of that was Hatsune Elissu's work of finding different glitches and bugs. Some of these bugs are insane like getting Raiburu to not notice you, doing an Osana skip all together, and all the ways we found to get the teacher to notice Yan-chan. I'm excited to see what happens in the future with Yandere Simulator speedruns, especially when more rivals get added into the game. Also, like I said in this video, I did not make this to harass YandereDev and do not support anyone harassing him. I just love speedruns and thought this story was too good to not be told.

Also, Hatsune Elissu was able to find another glitch where you could beat the game in 0:00 by opening the two instances of the game at the same time. This is cool, but I don't really count it as an actual speedrun. Check it out here though:

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