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Learn how to restore your iPhone from iCloud Backup or how to restore your Android phone from Google Backup. Watch this step by step tutorial to learn how to restore your phone. Watch more how tos with Des:

How to Restore Your Phone (0:00)
Things you will need (0:05)
iPhone (0:14)
Step 1 - From apps and data screen tap "restore from iCloud backup" (0:17)
Step 2 - Sign in to iCloud (0:27)
Step 3 - Proceed to "Choose Backup" (0:32)
Step 4 - Tap "Continue" (0:38)

Android (0:47)
Step 1 - Select language and tap "Start" (0:54)
Step 2 - Connect to Wi-Fi (1:00)
Step 3 - Tap "Copy your data" (1:02)
Step 4 - Choose a backup from the cloud(1:05)
Step 5 - Sign in to your Google account (1:08)
Step 6 - Choose a backup you would like to restore from (1:10)
Step 7 - Follow the prompts (1:14)

Still confused? Check out these step by step guide to help you:

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In this T-Mobile How To video, Des shows you how to #restoreyourphone from #iCloud backup or #GoogleBackup.
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