I Answer Your Questions | Denmark In Flight Sim 2020 [Unscripted]

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Hey guys I promised you a Q and A video and here it is! This was an unscripted spur of the moment thing and so I didn't have answers ready to go! Hopefully you enjoyed it!

00:00 - Ramblings

2:38 - What do you think happened to BSAAs Star Dust and what do you think STENDEC means?
4:55 - What are in your opinion, the worst/most emotional or most memorable last words from a plane crash you know?
5:58 - How did you get started with aviation?
8:30 - How long does it take you to prepare the script or narrative for one of your videos? How much time on research and then composing the story?

11:23 - Do you plan on becoming a pilot?
11:52 - What got you into making these videos?
13:28 - What air crash has perplexed you the most?

14:47 - What air crash do you want to really cover but either don’t have the time or resources to do?
16:00 - Where are you from, how old are you etc?
16:46 - Which episode has caught your attention the most, and gotten you into this subject?

18:08 - Videos about aviation in general?
19:01 - Do you plan on covering any helicopter crashes in the future?
19:30 - Can you talk more about the source you use for your video and the simulator?
20:45 - Does your work on this channel contribute to any level of fear when you are flying?
22:14 - Any plans for making a podcast version of your channel?
22:25 - Where do you get most of your info from? What is in your opinion, the most interesting plane crash?
24:43 - Whats your favorite plane?
24:59 - Favorite ice cream?
25:08 - How old are you? And is YouTube your full time job?
26:26 - Do you think that the PIA crash was pilot error or technical error?
27:03 - What is your future plan? YouTube?
27:44 - More Ramblings
31:53 - Landing
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