I Got Adopted By Billionaires -Part 2

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Just then the doorbell rang, and Mrs. Davis got up to answer it, since the staff went home for the night. A few seconds later, Mrs. Davis screamed.
Mr White looked at me and said sternly, “Stay here,” before running to Mrs. Davis’ aid.
The News Reporter continued talking: “We just got a picture of the prisoner that escaped.”
My eyes widened in horror as the picture of the escaped prisoner popped up on the screen. It was Mr. White’s twin brother, William.

Hi, my name is Brittany. After you like, subscribe, and tap that notification bell, click the link to watch the previous video if you have not seen it. Trust me you will definitely want to know how we ended up in this predicament!

My heart skipped a beat as I heard a scuffle taking place at the front door. I ran to the back door to prevent myself from being seen by whoever was at the front door. I hid by the first set of bushes that I saw, which were ones directly under my bedroom window.

I stifled a cry as I heard someone rummaging through my things. I was too afraid to peek to see who it was. Maybe it was Mr. White’s brother, William, or his crazy wife Sophia, who may have escaped too. I watched in horror a few minutes later as, through the bushes, Mrs. Davis and Mr. White were being forced into a dark blue van. From where I was hiding, I could not see the license plate.

A few minutes after the van drove off, I waited to ensure that the coast was clear before coming out from my hiding place. I ran inside and called the police, then dialled Jane’s number because I did not know who else to call, Mr. White and Mrs. Davis were the only family I had.

“Jane! Jane!” I said frantically, “Someone took them, someone took Mr White and Mrs. Davis.”

“What are you talking about Brittany? Slow down and tell me what happened.”

After telling her what happened Jane told me that she was on her way. I waited nervously and when the police arrived, they questioned me about what happened.

“Do you have anywhere to spend the night?” an officer asked.

Just as I was about to reply Jane approached us.

“I am Mr. White’s cook. Brittany will be staying with me and my family until Mr. White and Mrs. Davis are found.”

The officer nodded and they left the house. Jane waited while I packed a bag and locked up. I honestly thought I reached the point in my life where I finally got to my happily ever after, but it was not meant to be. Tears welled in my eyes.
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