I made a 3D model of Gawr Gura from Hololive! Free download link in the description!

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Hi everyone, my name is Lex Ferreira and I'm a hobbyist 3D artist.

I love Virtual YouTubers, specially Hololive, and so I've decided to create 3D models for the five members of Hololive EN as a way to practice my 3D skills.

These models will be freely available, so you can use them for memes/videos/etc.

This is my 3D model for Gawr Gura. It's not perfect, but as I said my goal is to improve my skills, and indeed I learned a lot by doing it.
You can freely download it here:


The next 3D model will be for Amelia Watson. It's actually almost finished, hopefully I'll release it during this week or next.

If you're interested in my work, here's my social media links:
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