I made Sonic in Super Mario 3D World FASTER (Super Mario 3D World Sonic mod hack)

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Here's the Sonic mod for Super Mario 3D World, where Sonic was added as a playable character to Super Mario 3D World, except I edit Sonic's speed to make him even faster! After every level, I increase Sonic's speed even more! We start to approach uncontrollable speeds as we make our way through World 1, take on Bowser in the World 1 Castle, and start World 2!

Imagine how different speedruns of Super Mario 3D World would be if you could move as quickly as this Sonic! ????

Link to the mod by ShadowLuigi~NG~ -

Will there be a part 2 to this video where we make Sonic even faster? Yes! It will most likely be uploaded tomorrow, so make sure you're subscribed to this YouTube channel to be notified when that video comes out :D


16 Speed (World 1-1) - 0:00
24 Speed (World 1-2) - 1:28
32 Speed (World 1-3) - 2:23
40 Speed (World 1-4) - 4:06
50 Speed (World 1-5) - 5:05
69 Speed (World 1-Castle) - 7:13
100 Speed (World 2-1) - 9:59

In this video, we visit the levels Super Bell Hill, Koopa Troopa Cave, Mount Beanpole, Plessie's Plunging Falls, Switch Scramble Circus, Bowser's Highway Showdown, and Conkdor Canyon!

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