I'm an Austronaunt!!! | We went back HORROR GAME

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Who: You. Just you. All by yourself.
What: You're trying to find a way out.
When: Depends on who you ask.
Where: An abandoned space station.
Why: Be honest – do we ever know why?
How: Find clues. Solve a puzzle. Get scared. Get out.

We Went Back is roughly a 30-50 minute experience. Here's what we love about it:
You can experience multiple changes within the space station's environment. The devil is in the details.
Escape Room Style Gameplay

Love escape rooms? So do we! There are clues to find and a puzzle to solve. The environment holds the key.
70's Inspired Retro-Futuristic Art Style

Everything is influenced by that old-school space aesthetic we all love, from each poster all the way down to the teensiest decal.
There's a Rat
We have a rat. No, you cannot pet him but he’s loved nonetheless.

Thanks for watching!!!

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