Inside STARGATE SG-1's Original Pilot Script: 9 Changes from Script to Screen

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GateWorld has unearthed the original, first-draft script for "Children of the Gods" – the 2-hour premiere movie for STARGATE SG-1! The finished episode aired in July of 1997, launching the television franchise that would span more than 350 episodes. But plenty of things changed between Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner's original script and the final episode.

Here we're running down 9 big changes (plus 11 more small ones) – from the name of the Big Bad, to the Stargate's iris, to a scrapped fight scene inside the prison on Chulak, to Lt. Kawalsky's final fate. One main character from the show even got a change in name and rank before SG-1 premiered.

You can read all the script excerpts and analysis at the link below!


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