Is The Elder Scrolls Online Worth it in 2020?- 6 Years in Review

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Yes, I'm aware I say experience a lot in this video. Also complicated editing is new to me, next couple projects will be drastically improved. Like and subscribe for more videos in the future!


Music used:
The Elder Scrolls Online: Main Theme- 0:58-

ESO OST- Onslaught at the Gates- 4:16-

A Land of War and Poetry, TESO Morrowind Main Theme- 6:23-

ESO OST, Weapons Drawn- 10:23-

ESO OST, Alas, the Dragon Shall Break- 12:10-

ESO Summerset OST, Isles of the Starry Dream- 17:38-

I do not take credit for any of the music used in this video, obviously.
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