Knitting Machine Scrunchies! (3 Sizes and 2 Seaming Methods)

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In this video, I'll show you how to knit scrunchies! A few days ago, I posted a photo on my Instagram of a scrunchie I knit for my daughter, and I’ve been getting messages right and left since then, asking for a tutorial!

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This is a quick and easy knitting machine pattern. I can knit a scrunchie in about 20 minutes from beginning to end. It’s a great way to use up left-over yarn. And I’ll be honest—I used to think scrunches were just decorative, but since I’ve been making them, I’ve realized they’re actually really functional too. When I use these to put my daughter’s hair in a pony tail, it actually holds her ponytail in way longer than when I use a regular elastic. And I also think they are protective in terms of hair damage as well.

I'm knitting these on my Sentro 48 needle knitting machine, and all the supplies used are linked below.

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48 needle Sentro knitting machine:
Loops & Threads "Impeccable" Yarn in Arbor Rose:
Hair elastics:
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Darning needles:

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Diana is an advertising and editorial photographer and her photography work is available at She learned to knit as a child, and has been known to sneak her knitting projects into classes, movies, family get-togethers, and perhaps the occasional meeting. With this YouTube channel, she hopes to share her love of knitting with the world.

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