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PC Gameplay Walkthrough. Will I survive the trials of Ubel while exploring an eerie, neverending world?

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LOCIS isn't a game like the others, it's a game for those who love exploration and for those who love to test themselves. Your journey into the nightmare will not be easy, you'll encounter a lot of dangers, disturbing situations and strange people who will wander like you in the desperate search for a way out.
Watch out! The darkness can get you anytime when you are distracted. You will be facing different monsters for each Areas.

• Procedural generation: The world of LOCIS is constantly evolving, the game generates itself every time you play it thanks to intelligent algorithms and will be able to offer you a dynamic situation and an always different adventure at every start.

• Karma system: LOCIS knows who you are, it will often put you in situations where you will be forced to the game will adapt to your play style and evolve according to it, even unlocking different endings at the end of the game.

• Dynamic story: The story of the game is told through sheets of paper scattered throughout the nightmare, but it's a dynamic narrative where the player is called to join all the pieces and understand more and more about the game world with each play.

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