Lovesick (Announcement Trailer) (Yandere Simulator Fan-Game) (Re-Reuploaded)

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Thank you all for your support!

Q: "What IS this?"
A: It's a revamped reimagined version of Yandere Simulator to improve on the original game's concept and ideas. This game takes on the role of an actual yandere, not an emotionless murdering schoolgirl. (Although, you still have the ability to murder anyone, which is up to you!)

Q: "Is this a mod?"
A: Nope! It's an entirely new, standalone game.

Q: "Why does Taichi and Aoi look different?"
A: We edited the Aoi and Taichi models to look more anime! I love the style and feel of them, it fits the game more.

Q: "When can we have a build, or play the game?"
A: Currently, I'm working on the first rival (It's not Osana), and after she's completed, I'll give a "pre-demo" build to some people to test. If it does well, I'll work on and complete the second rival, then release an online playable build that contains the first two rivals as the demo of the game.

Q: "How long did it take to program everything shown in this video?"
A: Around 2 weeks. Another programmer and I are hard at work making this game optimized, great to play, and an all-out fun experience. (I'm not joking, it only took 2 weeks for all of this.)

Q: "Who is the first rival?"
A: That's the fun part! You'll have to stalk Senpai to find out.

Q: "Will the first rival have a bodyguard?"
A: That's unrealistic. I'm focusing on organic gameplay where the rival goes around multiple students per day, meaning multiple witnesses. You'll be able to also change your rivals routine by manipulation of multiple means.

Q: "Will there be update videos on the game?"
A: Maybe once in a while, but I don't wanna give away too much information, so probably not much will be shown.

Q: "Will you be able to change Senpai's gender/The protagonists gender?
A: Yes! You can also customize and create a custom student or be able to pick an existing student to be Senpai.

If you have any question that seems to be unanswered here, please ask them in the comments below! Thank you so much.

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