Marvel's Avengers Game | Black Panther, Spider-Man leaked in Beta?! | More Heroes to be expected?!

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Marvel's avengers game leaked. What's going on guys? RBG back with another Marvel's Avengers game update. And it hasn't been a full 24 hours since the 2nd beta has opened and we already have new leaked heroes. In the last video we uncovered that She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, and War Machine could possibly be the next wave of characters in Marvel's Avengers game. There was a lot of assets that were found within the PS4 build's network data that highly corroborated this assumption. And for the most part I think it's a given that we will in fact see these characters sooner than later. And it looks like we'll be getting more heroes than we initially thought. So we're gonna talk about it today. But before we do so I wanna give a shout out to today's sponsor, G2A leaked. If you're looking for a way to purchase the hottest video games without burning a hole in your wallet you should really consider checking them out. They offer key codes for different platforms such as Steam, PS Network, and Xbox for half the price as the original. Why wouldn't you wanna take advantage of this deal? I you absolutely lose when you overpay! So go ahead and cease the win. You can do so by clicking the link that'll be provided in the description box below. But as I was saying my YouTube family it looks like we may be seeing a slew of additional heroes make their way to Marvel's Avengers game. And I could not be anymore happier about this. I feel like once things start to pick up with the roster we're getting more people on board. Like that seems to be the thing that's holding some fans back from picking this game up. While I think the majority of fans are pretty much pleased with the core cast we've gotten so far. There may be those who're waiting for a specific Avengers member that'll have them completely sold.

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