MARVELS AVENGERS GAME Everything We Know From War Table + Gameplay, Story, Spiderman, Trailer & More

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MARVEL'S AVENGERS GAME Everything We Know From War Table + Gameplay, Story, Trailer Spiderman & More. We break down the War Table Livestream and discuss, gameplay, trailers, the story, leaks, characters, DLC, if Spider-man is in the game and a lot more.

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Marvel's Avengers Release Date

Ok so firstly, the game was originally set to release on May the 15th, however due to the pandemic causing delays, it's been pushed back to September 4th 2020.

I actually preordered it along with some funkos on the game and they arrived a couple of weeks ago which sucked because I was like 'oh yeah I could've been playing this by now.'

Though this date is said to be set in stone by the studio, I actually can't remember a game title in recent memory that I've been looking forward to which hasn't been delayed several times.

So, with everything that's going on I'm not gonna hold my breath but September 4th is apparently going to be the release date.

That being said, the title was announced back in January 2017 with a teaser trailer and though that feels like a lifetime ago, it does show they've had a lot of time to work on it.

The title is a result of a pairing between Marvel and Square Enix and according to Inverse it will be the first of many games that will result from their partnership. So, we may be getting an MCU-esque game lineup that could result in us seeing titles for the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-men and many more.

It's an exciting time to be a marvel fan but one question remains in regards to the universe.

That is will sony's spider-man on playstation 4 be connected to the game?

Well, the short answer is we don't know, but I can actually see a similar sort of situation to what we have in the movies right now. Sony passing their boy back and forth between the studios has allowed him to appear in multiple mcu movies whilst they also develop their own properties and in the recent deal that was struck up between the pair, it makes sense that things like this would be included across multiple forms of media.

Though different studios are behind the development of the games, there is room to collab with one another and I think Insomniac would probably love to have the Crystal Dyanmics heroes in their games and vice versa.

During Spider-man when you visited the Avengers Tower, Peter even remarked that the group were on the west coast and the fact that the avengers game takes place there, shows that they could indeed have a shared game universe.

I'm just hoping that this is the case but it makes sense to have the characters cross over if they're planning on building a game universe that rivals the MCU.

The upcoming Miles Morales Spider-man game should hopefully shed more light on this and it's due to release at the end of this year on Playstation 5 so keep your eyes peeled.


Now as for the story, it's going to be very player focused and it will take place in the near future, starting off at an Avenger's themed celebration in San Francisco. This is known as the Avengers Day and though it starts off sunshine and rainbows, an attack on the Golden Gate bridge forces the heroes to


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