Mast Raqs Dance Mix 2020 (Lyric Video) Habib Qaderi Music By @Mahroof Sharif *EXCLUSIVE RELEASE*

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0:00-3:00 GO GO GO! Farsi/Spanish
3:00-5:17 Mata Pumlo Pashto
5:17-7:02 Yeh Mera Dil Hindi
7:02 Naghmaye MAST

Hi everyone,

I know 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us and to make up for all the lack of shows and music performances, I decided to present this new remix highlighting some of the most mast songs to you all.
Although most parties and events got cancelled this year, but happiness and joy has not been cancelled. Mahroof Sharif invited me to collaborate with him in creating this awesome remix for you all and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the timing of the release of this song! Mahroof and I wanted to make sure we all end 2020 with a bang.

The tracks on this remix fittingly are free, happy, swaying and gleeful intending to uplift you all after a tiring and dramatic year.
Although we personally couldn’t be there to cheer you up during this ongoing pandemic, but we are hopeful that our new track can fill the void many of our fans have felt this I can say with pride that for a couple of decades now, I have been a part of your most joyful moments and we cannot wait to bring more joy to you with the release of my brand new songs, compositions, and music videos in 2021! Stay Tuned for our upcoming projects!

As a music creator and music lover, I am grateful that we are able to look back at our influences and see the impact that they have made on our community!

A huge thank you to one of the greatest musicians of this era: Mahroof Sharif for making time and effort to create this super hip track with me during the most challenging time ever. Mahroof Sharif is truly an artist and he never fails to create magic.
Mahroof’s music keeps our community together and I know you all appreciate his electric and eccentric performances!
I’m proud of Mahroof Sharif as he has been a leader in his field and has inspired many young talents around the globe, like myself.
Bravo Mahroof! Love you brother!

I invite you all to share this song with your friends and families throughout these holidays!
We invite you all to sing along with the lyrics of the video, dance and make cool TikTok videos and tag us for reshare.
Stay safe and happy holidays.

Much Love,

SONG: Mast Raqs Dance Mix 2020
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