Master Levels for Doom II - Part 4: MAP16-MAP21 (Fast Ultra-Violence 100%)

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Game: Doom II
PWAD: (Custom)
Difficulty: Ultra-Violence (-fast)
Source port: prboom-plus (-complevel 2)

Pistol start each level.
Fast monsters.
All kills and secrets.
No saves.

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Master Levels for Doom II MIDI Pack:

Doom II Minor Sprite Fixing Project:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:10 MAP16: Nessus
00:04:23 MAP17: Geryon
00:12:33 MAP18: Vesperas
00:22:22 MAP19: Black Tower
00:46:38 MAP20: The Express Elevator To Hell
01:02:11 MAP21: Bad Dream
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