MATCHBOX Restoration Y15 1930 Packard Victoria 1969

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This model of yesteryear was made by Matchbox Lesney in 1969. Over it's life time it had suffered a fair amount of abuse.

A previous owner had painted it white all over and the roof and interior were missing. Luckily I had three of this model, two that I bought on Ebay and one which was donated to me. I decided that I could make two good ones from the parts left on the three models. This video shows the progress and outcome of one of the two models.

Unfortunately, the Corona virus is amongst us and I am unable to go out and buy the correct coloured paints for this makeover. I have had to use what I have in stock. This could be considered by some as a custom model, but I prefer to think that the colours that I used could actually be on a rare model out there when Matchbox also, needed to use spare paint during a time of shortage.

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