Mega Man 9 - Ending

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SPOILERS! For very obvious reasons.

"Forgive me, Mega Man!" Those are the words Dr. Wily says every time Mega Man has him in total desperation, bowing down to Mega Man's superiority. And every time, Mega Man has accepted his offer and forgiven him. This time, it's different. Even a guy as patient as Mega Man has his limits, and the Blue Bomber summons his dog to fetch replays of every time Dr. Wily's done that now cliché speech. (It's also pretty funny how they're all bowing in unison and to the music.) In other words, no, this time, Mega Man does NOT forgive him.

Dr. Wily isn't done yet though. Remember, Dr. Light has been imprisoned! In typical Saturday morning mad scientist style, he's made an impostor Dr. Light, which he used to make videos accusing Dr. Light of going for world domination. And that he didn't kill Dr. Light from the get-go, but has him imprisoned for real and also made a fake robot policeman to trap a fake Dr. Light to make a trap for Mega Man.

Here comes Proto Man! He narrowly rescues Mega Man. Apparently, his core is unstable, so while he's stronger than Mega Man in combat, Proto Man can't sustain a fight for very long, hence the dramatic entrances. I won't be getting him from the Virtual Console. As I've played through this once before already, it wouldn't be as fun to watch.

And, of course, it's pretty neat to know that Dr. Light's Robot Masters are fine. Apparently, Dr. Light managed to get legislaton through to cancel the robot expiration dates (which I'd suspect Dr. Wily had instated), and the eight of them have quit their day jobs and are now living with Dr. Light. Except for Galaxy Man, who's now hanging out with Proto Man; and Concrete Man, who now gets his kicks pushing around Dr. Wily.

And my grand play time total is 7 hours 28 minutes 25 seconds. I really do stink at this game. It's no help that my save data was overwritten with blank data

A little tidbit: If you spend 200 screws at Auto's Shop to change Roll's dress, it'll be reflected in the picture of Jewel Man in the credits. I might upload that later. (I was also asked to see what happens if I beat Splash Woman last and see if the words "he" and "his" in the dialogue were replaced by "she" and "her." I'll look into that too.)
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