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I've played all the classic Mega Man games, but have yet to try the portables until now. Jack in to my Mega Man Battle Network Review!


About The Game:
In the near future, the Net is connected to virtually everything--from computers to office water coolers. An evil group is bent on dominating the world by corrupting the Net with viruses. You play as Lan, a young hacker, who must stop this threat with the help of his virus-busting program (and best friend) Mega

Lan can walk up to just about any object and either use it or get some interesting (and often funny) information about it. In fact, this kind of exploration is necessary, because there are Net jacks in the strangest places--even a doghouse. And while Mega is deployed fighting viruses on the Net, you often have to go out and collect clues in the real world. This teamwork adds some refreshing complexity to the game.

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Mega Man Battle Network | The Completionist
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