Meghan McCain REPLACED by Bari Weiss On The View as Meghan heads to MATERNITY Leave!

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The word on the street and I have reported this before months ago on my channel, Bari Weiss is set to make appearances on The View as Meghan McCain goes to maternity leave.

Next season according to sources, Meghan is set to leave The View, temporarily, and

Bari Weiss is set to replace her. Now, it seems that Meghan McCain calls the shots on The View!

Allegedly banning Sherri Shepherd after she told Meghan to lighten up, and allegedly banning

Tara Setamayer from the show and from the conservative party since she does not agree with Puppet Meghan McCain's or her Coaching Husbands conservative view points.

Meghan McCain got the job for Abby Huntsman who pretty much is a dingbat when it came to politics but was little more likable than Meghan. It is only obvious that Bari Weiss will be there for Meghan since they are great friends.

Bari Weiss has made appearances on The View. She is a openly bisexual woman and known for being problematic since from what I know her college years with her biased views for Israel and trying to get an Arab Professor fired from the University. She is no Meghan McCain in terms of being nasty
but her viewpoints fits the bill with her lies about Ihan Omar and her views that Israel is subjected to being dehumanized by the left and the right.
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