Meghan McCain REPLACED By Sara Haines On "The View" As Meghan HEADS To MATERNITY Leave!

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Sara Haines will be joining The View again following amidst cancellation of GMA4.

I told you all that show is cancelled, but TV networks like to use "TV terms" to save face

when a show does not work out. Sara, Strahan, and Keke was cancelled when GMA used their show time slot for the pandemic. Here is Keke Palmer addressing the issue!

Now at the moment, "The View" has four co hosts, Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan McCain. However, Meghan will be going on maternity leave, so "The View" will be needing a 4th host, so they brought on Sara Haines. This is how I see the set up.

Meghan McCain as I reported previous videos, will be back on "The View" after maternity leave to discuss politics and the election. Here is her talking about that.

"The View" executives, in my mind saw the viewers commentary on how much they would love Sara Haines on the show permanently, so they brought her back on.

However, there will still be an additional seat while Meghan McCain is gone, and they need another conservative voice. I reported Bari Weiss will be the substitute fill in and Meghan approves of that, so we will have to wait and see how the show will go about that.

I personally want Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro on together. However, being that Ana lives in Miami and her man is in his 70s, they want to enjoy their Miami living. I love Sara. You know she is the type of friend to go out with and get ice cream, someone to kick it with. She is too bland for me
when it comes to politics, serious talk. I said this before. But I really like her.
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