Microsoft Flight Sim Hands-On Impressions | Microsoft Flight Sim Looks Ridiculous(ly Good)

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has an important role to fulfill as a serious tool for the real-life aviation industry – but that doesn’t mean it can’t find time to dazzle gamers, too. In our Microsoft Flight Sim hands-on impressions, you'll see that it looks ridiculously good.

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This isn't our Microsoft Flight Sim review, but you will hear Alex gushing about the the technology that makes Microsoft Flight Simulator tick, as it is something truly special. A mash up of Microsoft’s map data from its Bing search engine, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, the result is simple: this game’s ‘map’ is the whole world.

That makes sense for a piece of software that is more than just a video game. This is a tool that’ll likely become a new industry standard used to rack up flight hours in the process of learning real-life flying. Previous flight sims also offered the ability to explore the whole globe – but for the first time, this is a largely recognizable version of the world, all thanks to impressive new technology.

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