Minecraft Hatchery & Chickens Mod Showcase Tutorial

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The Hatchery & Chickens mods add new types of chicken to Minecraft along with different ways of breeding, feeding and hatching your chicken eggs. It's a new way of gathering resources from chickens.

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The Hatchery mod and the Chickens mod are both included in the FTB Sky Factory 3 modpack.

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From the website:

Hatchery adds new meaning to chicken farming in Minecraft. Hatchery adds in new Blocks, AI, and Items to aid payers in farming your own chickens. New blocks include a nest for hatching new born chicks, Nesting pens to harbor adult chickens to produce more eggs at a quicker rate. New Mating AI no longer creates a new chicken but rather a Chicken egg that has to be hatch. Different items allow you to customize your egg hatching to increase change the egg hatches, as well as increasing the speed of hatching.
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