Monster Hotel Full Walkthrough | Halloween Event 2020 | Klondike Adventures

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Klondike Adventures Monster Hotel full walkthrough.

TIMED EVENTS like this need heavy preparation of resources and energy supplies; so make sure you are fully prepared to be able to complete this event. If you are beginner/ low level, first start with easy timed locations like green lake and saltvic mines. If you need more information about energy/coins management, watch these videos:

Energy tips video:

coins management video:

Monster hotel (no edit)

00:52 beginning
02:42 Stage tools & Webs
05:39 06:43 Lullaby flowers
07:54 Nutrient crystals
09:15 10:02 soaproots
11:46 Rubbers
14:24 Almond Trees
15:15 Cocoa bushes
17:54 Room key
20:10 carrot Field
21:20 Poppy seeds
22:33 22:58 23:17 Pinatas
24:15 treats for Michael
25:45 collect Brooms
26:07 picking all treasures and collectables
27:14 pink tree
28:46 34:21 Nightmare wood stove
34:45 special book for trader
35:23 Event Rewards
37:39 Just check this
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