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????Channel Description????

Hey hey hey speeders! Movie Sonic here welcoming you to another video on the channel! This channel features gameplay, reaction videos and collaborations with friends. So subscribe to the channel for a fun and speedy time!

????Social Media????

Discord Server -
Twitter -
Twitch -
Business Email (For Business Inquiries Only) - @

????Futuristic Friends????

-Blaze The Cat:
-Marine The Raccoon:
-Sonic The Hedgehog:
-Amy Rose:
-Tails The Fox:
-Knuckles The Echidna:
-Shadow The Hedgehog:
-Rouge The Bat:
-Sally Acorn:
-Jet The Hawk:
-Espio The Chameleon:

????Special Thanks????

DarkBox for channel intro, banner, thumbnails and Silver face models:
Kyley for channel art and thumbnails:
GiGiCrazyDraws for channel art and thumbnails:

????Music Used????

Kevin MacLeod ~ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys:
Windmill Isle (Night) - Sonic Unleashed:
Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone Act 2:
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