My Shifting Script *Part 2* Hogwarts Harry Potter Shift [Important Updates!] - How to Script

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Here is my UPDATED Shifting Script for Shifting to Hogwarts [Harry Potter] - How to Write a Script for Shifting Part Two. [Tips on How to Write Your Script and How to Reality Shift or Shift Realities]. #realityshiftingscript #avainthemiddle #shiftwithme

Grab a pen so I can help you write your first script for shifting or update your existing shifting script. I will go over the rules for script writing if you want to shift to Hogwarts - Harry Potter - hang out with the golden trio: Hermoine, Harry, Ron; or hang with the twins, Luna or Neville. You can script your pet, where you live (the Weasly's house?); who you're parents are (Sirius Black or Snape as your dad?). I'm switching from an owl to a black cat as my pet. I also have a few new ideas that i want to incorporate into my script. Oh, and some apologies for some of the things I said about Cedric before--sorry!! We'll talk about safe words and what year you want to be and Tom Riddle aka Voldemort.

You can use your script with all the shifting methods including the raven method, alice in wonderland method, pillow method, no method method, julia method, sunrise method--in order to help you go from your current reality (CR) to your Desired Reality (DR).

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Luv u all--- And I appreciate all your support!
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