NBA 2K20 Career Sim - LeBron James Clones - Ep. 1 - SideAction

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Welcome to the NBA 2K career sim for Dave Loughran, Ben Rasa and Josh Engleman, presented by 's SideAction. For more SideAction content, go to

Using LeBron James' PlayerDNA entering the 2003 NBA Draft, we cloned him three times and renamed him to the hosts of our Daily Sports Show which airs Monday through Friday at noon EST. Each year, the guys will accumulate points based different criteria. The person with the most accrued points once all three guys retire will be deemed the winner. Pride is at stake. The scoring system is as follows:

MVP: 25
NBA Champion: 20
Finals MVP: 5
Final Loss: 5
1st-Team NBA: 15
2nd-Team NBA: 7
3rd-Team NBA: 3
1st-Team Defense: 6
2nd-Team Defense: 3
Def. POTY: 15
All-Star Captain?: 6
All-Star Starter?: 4
All-Star?: 2
6th Man: 3
Most PPG?: 3
Playoffs?: 1
ROTY: 10
1st-Team Rookie: 5
2nd-Team Rookie: 2
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