Neighbor's Family Secret ~ LEVEL 13 #30 - Android, iOS Game

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Your neighbor is a Big Family.
You need to complete secret tasks. You need to find the keys and open the secret doors.

These funny characters are watching you all the time.
In my videos, I will explore all the possibilities of my character.
I will try to go through the whole game and make a lot of videos about the game.

Explore the huge house and don’t get caught. Hide from the neighbor and his family and escape from them. Reveal their terrible secret! Enter the building and complete the different seek & hide missions.

Main Game Advantages:

- Popular Escape gameplay! Explore the huge mystic house, seek for useful objects, throw objects at the enemy for stunning and at the windows to break them!

- Different Characters! Meet the neighbor, his wife, granny, son and his daughter!

- Control and sound settings. Set up controls as you like. You can adjust the sound, sensitivity, and even choose between the touchpad and joystick!

- Multilingual Game. There are 10 languages in the game! English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese! Choose your Language in the Main Menu Settings.

- Cool graphics and huge location! You will enjoy this High Quality location with a large scary house and many interactive items and events.

Enjoy the Best hide & escape game about the Neighbor’s Family! Reveal their strange secret!

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