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"""Phir Aaya Toofan""
(Original Tamil Movie: Several)

Genre: Indian Movie: Action-Drama
Starring: Bharath, Vadivel, Simran, Pooja, Sampath
Director: Hari
Music: GV Prakash Kumar

The beginning is promising, at any rate, as you watch a Don't-Care Munna (Bharath) limp sorrowfully from the Central Jail, Palayamkottai, in a scruffy beard and glasses.
Munna (Bharath), a village vagabond spends most of his time with his uncle Ganpath (Vadivel), the village postman. One day Munna meets Parijatham (Poonam Bajwa) a Brahmin girl and falls for her.
Parijatham's sister Gayathri (Simran) dies after leaving her infant in her sibling's hand. At a time when her family members compel Parijatham to marry her brother-in-law, there are two others in the village lusting for the young girl.
A series of events make Munna to take a tough decision and sends him to prison.
In the meantime, the village's bigwig (Sampath Raj), who is magnanimous in public and a tyrant at home, casts his eyes on Parijatham. What sets his characterization apart is that he is not your average villain who shrieks and carries away the heroine; he places his pawns carefully, and is afraid of being found out and Parijatham is trapped and he starts removing her dresses. He and Munna come close to breaking each other's bones many times—but the situations defuse themselves in a perfectly natural fashion.
Several twists in the tale occur in a quick fashion, and Munna and Parijatham are bound in a net from which, seemingly, there is no escape.

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