NEW ARK PVP META FOUND! 10 PVP TIPS! Ark: Survival Evolved Extinction #Filmora9

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Boys and girls of the shaft!!! A lot has changed with ARK even in the last few months! I don’t know that we’ve ever even made a video like this, but it’s about time we did! Today I’m going to be sharing with you MY TOP 10 PVP tips for dominating the ARK! 10 tips that will take you from a scrawny and weak jerry, that everyone calls bob for some reason, into a big and powerful EUGENE who will destroy ark forever!

10. Pocket giga
-put a giga in a cryopod
-if there is an area you cant safely walk a giga you can use cryopod
-great if a fight is going bad, can pull it out set on aggressive or get on it and start munching
-Great if you are travelling and you find a group of passive tames
-great if someone is chasing you on a dino

THE POCKET GIGA, yes thats right you will be fitting your huge beast straight into your pocket. Using the one, the only, cryopod. Dont forget! You can get a cryopod SUPER early game in Extinction from those EAAASSYYY drops.

Now you may be wondering, But Why would I want to carry my giga with me? Well little Jimmy this is why! SO up your giga into your crypod and listen

If you are out travelling and you end up in a sticky situation in a fight, you can throw out your giga set it on aggressive or get on it and start munching away at your enemy and their tames!

And have you ever been travelling around the map having fun and you find a base that you want to With all their dinos on But you dont have enough to do it in a timely WELL NOW YOU DO! Just throw out your giga and eat up those noobs dinos!

And Gigas cant climb very If you have to get a giga up a steep cliff but dont want the risk of enraging Well simply store it in your pocket and take it out when needed

-roughly 40 percent damage reduction for 2 minutes
-easy to make (beer barrel, thatch, berries, water jar)
-you will not be able to see as clearly
-after the 2 minutes you will have 1 minute of no stamina (you cannot use stews to fix this)

Thats right, back out your new years alcohol because BEER will be your best friend on ARK and you dont even have to be over 18 to drink it.

Beer is amazing for its damage reduction properties, giving you a roughly 40 percent damage reduction for 2 minutes! This is CRAZY this means you can easier tank those turrets and run up to a base to blow up some C4.

Now as a disadvantage to the amazing damage reduction, you will not be able to regain stamina for a complete 60 seconds after your 2 minutes is up. Also while you are drunk running straight and seeing normal is HARD it can make you feel a bit sick IRL

But this is a great starter strategy, as beer is an easy craft, needing a beer barrel, thatch, berries and water jar to make it!

Happy drinking

Y trap
Like a bear trap cant get out of it, is grown not crafted
-Acts the same as a bear trap
-Cannot get out of it easily
-Can use to trap creatures and players in turret range

Plant Y an age old meta of ark, still just as efficient as ever.

The plant Y acts the exact same way as a bear trap does, locking in people and creatures into one spot and it is DAMN HARD to get out of for a human if not impossible!

This is great to have surrounding your base, unlike bear traps it is completely invisible unable to be seen by anyone, you also do not have to farm for these as they are grown!

You can grow your own plant in a large crop plot, taking traps from the plant itself, if you have yourself a whole lot of these, you will cause some real damage

These also serve as an amazing assist to turrets, locking players and creatures directly in your turret range for them to be chewed apart. This almost completely eliminates the risk from land attacks, as no one can even get near you! That only leaves the sky to worry about.

Dont forget you can also use these on a FOB during a big server, to help stop the drunk C4 runners from being able to get anywhere near your base, instead they will get stuck and NOT be able to run away or to you.

But please dont be annoying and place these randomly around a I swear if I get stuck in another one I WILL cry

Now remember! Plant Y comes from scorched earth, so this may be one of your only reasons for downloading that unloved and unsupported dlc
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