Night Drive TESLA FSD BETA 2020.44.15.4

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Night Drive with the TESLA MODEL 3 running FSDBETA software version Direct comparison drive following my last upload here: (so you can compare both videos). Daytime video uploading today 11/30!

In my opinion, the steering feels quite a bit more aggressive. As you can see with the corrections during my drive. Many items I was facing were fixed, like turning into the park lane, and the erratic turn signal behavior I was experiencing. I'll be uploading a daytime drive next (since the GoPro isn't the best with low light). Thanks!!

2018 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance w/Performance Upgrade Package
Software Version: TESLA FSD BETA

My business: KOBRA Enterprises, 100% All Natural Hand Sanitizer

I've had many people reach out to me for support (THANK YOU!):
Venmo: @Brandonee916

Hardware: GoPro HERO 9 4K/60, Final Cut Pro (light editing for length of video).

**This is not an autonomous car, as a driver I had full control and was safe at all times, anything outside of that is opinion or speculative and not a true representation of the situations encountered. This is BETA software and part of the testing process.**
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