OSRS Steam Beta, 2021 New Content, Faction Wars?! and more! - OSRS Modcast (Q&A) December 7th

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Leagues II – Trailblazer: it’s Old School like you’ve never seen it before! ????

Start in Misthalin, complete tasks, and use League Points to forge your own path across Gielinor. That Dragon trophy is as good as yours!

0:00 - Intro
0:40 - Announcments
3:05 - How is everybody?
6:29 - What takes so long to make a roadmap?
10:54 - What is the relationship between the Product Director and the people in charge of the studio actually like? How much sway do you have?
14:25 - Why did you choose Soul Wars as a Prime Gaming initiative, and can you further clarify how this will work?
19:35 - Are there any other ideas for partnerships?
21:52 - Can you give us an update on the Too Many Logins issue?
25:32 - What can we do for PvP?
32:32 - Christmas event teaser images
33:58 - A Kingdom Divided teaser image
35:17 - Shades of Mort'ton rework image
36:11 - Anniversary event teaser image.
37:42 - Can you explain what ideation is?
39:26 - Quest speedrunning image
41:38 - Guardians of Gielinor image
44:11 - Faction Wars image
47:25 - Hunting Guild image
53:09 - Is the clan update going to be the big update for January or are you kind of restructuring how you're doing things?
57:11 - What’s the point of the Steam beta test, what are you hoping to achieve?
59:11 - Has the beta test started yet?
1:00:13 - Do you have other plans for the client?
1:02:15 - When will Steam be released?
1:04:53 - Are you considering Epic store or other platforms like Switch?
1:05:54 - Why should players use this when it’s worse than RuneLite?
1:08:48 - Will you be allowing us to link multiple accounts to your Steam account?
1:10:01 - Any last words?
1:10:36 - Re announcements
1:13:25 - Mod MikeD's voice acting?!
1:14:13 - Last outro

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