Paint Bob Ross' "On A Clear Day" (1985)! – Free Intro to Acrylic Painting Class #34

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If you'd like, print out the outline drawing (you can find them in a dropbox folder: )

TIP – Watch Episode #0 "Art Supply Buying Guide! What you NEED to get started" in order to buy the "right" acrylic colours so you can paint along with me:

Here's a link to today's painting:

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Any brush will do for this beginner class.

In the video I showed:
1) the Artists's Loft brand 12 piece set (Brown Synthetic Flat and Round Brushes for Acrylic and Watercolor painting, Round sizes 1-9 and Flats 1/2, 3/8 and 3/4) #335747
2) Princeton Art & Brush Co. Real Value Brush Selection, Synthetic Hair - White Taklon (includes #000 Round, #2 Round, #4 Round, and #2 Flat, #6 Flat)
I suggest you paint on 8"x10" pre-stretched canvases or canvas panels. I'll be painting on 9"x12" canvas boards because it will show up best on camera, but they might be a bit too big for most people painting at home.
You can use any paper you wish. Card stock or Bristol Board from the dollar store/art store works well for this class.

PALETTE (for mixing colours):
Plastic or glass palette works well. Using plastic salad lids and wax/parchment paper works well too for a less expensive option.

Primary Yellow (120ml) $9
Azo Yellow Deep (120ml) $9
Primary Magenta (120ml) $9
Naphthol Red Med (120ml) $9
Primary Cyan (120ml) $9
Ultramarine Blue (120ml) $9
Titanium White (120ml) $9
Oxide Black (120ml) $9

Image in the thumbnail is a photograph of a colour wheel I began painting, along with the six colours you NEED to get started!

This video was live streamed using the SlingStudio wireless broadcasting system. The primary front facing camera is a Fujifilm X-E3 with the Fuji X-E3 as the overhead camera, and the Fuji X-T20 as close-up camera, and using the iPad Pro (2018) for switching using the SlingStudio Console app. The audio is coming from the Rode Wireless Go microphone connected directly into the SlingStudio hub.
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