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Howdy Klondikers!
we have another pearl mazes event again.
There is no change in the event. Same Goals, those random mazes and so on.
Well, however the 1st maze is different here.
It cost me about 6500 energy.
The main prize is the ‘Table with snacks’
that gives 25 units and each unit has 20 energy.
These mazes are so rich In resources so it makes them worth playing.
We have next marathon in 8 days and the next event in 20 days. So for now, you can stick with the pearl mazes event.
For more information and walkthrough, you can watch my past videos about mazes, I will put their links in the description.
Also you can ask your doubts in the comments below.
That’s all, Enjoy the gameplay!

Pearl Mazes are endless and different players get different mazes randomly. The mazes that i get in certain order may be different from yours. There are 5/6 types of mazes that appear randomly with different location for keys, maps and submarines everytime.

got questions about my energy level? Watch How i manage so high energy????
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